2019: Lamido, Kwakwanso Top Obasanjo’s Choice for Presidency 


•Why former president choose ADC ahead of SDP


There a strong indication that former president Olusegun Obasanjo is weighing two options of either fielding former Jigawa State Governor Alhaji Sule Lamido with a Christian from Southeast as running mate or former Kano State Governor Alhaji Rabin Kwakwanso with a Christian from Southsouth as running mate.

The hint is coming barely one week after former President collapsed his political Initiative known as Coalition for National Movement (CNM) or Third Force into African Democratic Congress (ADC) as CNM platform for 2019 general election.

Fresh facts also emerged on the reason why the former President chooses ADC ahead of Social Democratic Party (SDP).

It will be recalled that before collapsing into ADC, the CNM was linked with SDP with many speculating that Obasanjo will align forces with SDP at the end of the day.

However, contrary to speculations from notable political quarters, ADC became the beneficiary of the Third Force Initiative living political observers in huge surprise and to wonder why ADC instead of SDP.

However as observers continue to wonder why the former President picked ADC ahead of SDP, an impeccable source close to the former President revealed to this reporter that SDP leaders opposed Obasanjo interest to field a northern Moslem as Presidential candidate for 2019 election after against SDP interest in a Christian Presidential candidate.

“Obasanjo is rooting for a northern Presidential candidate but SDP prefers to field a Christian northerner, the CNM leaders and SDP could not agree on where the Presidential candidate would come from and that was why he choose ADC ahead of SDP.

The source said, “yes speculations were ripped that Obasanjo’s Third Force will align force with SPD, the visit of National Chairman of SDP Chief Olu Falae to Obasanjo in Abeokuta heightened the speculation but unfortunately the two parties couldn’t agree on where the Presidential candidate of the party would come from, so at the end of the day Obasanjo decided for ADC”

Reacting to the development a chieftain of SDP who didn’t want his name in print because he was not authorised to speak for the party on the issue told our correspondent that it doesn’t matter where Obasanjo pitched his tent because he is not God noting that it is only God who will decide who becomes the next President of Nigeria and if God concedes it to SDP one million Obasanjo cannot stop it.

He added: “Personally I don’t regret Obasanjo’s decision rejecting SDP for ADC because am sure he is toeing the path of failure. Where and where had ADC won election since the inception of the party? But I can tell you that SPD is the fastest growing political party in Africa and dividends of that growth will manifest during the 2019 election

“For a party that has never won election to come up overnight and win Presidential election in Nigeria is unthinkable and if you ask me Obasanjo is sowing on an infertile land.

“Everybody have seen the handwriting on the wall that SDP is the best alternative over the failure of APC and PDP to give Nigeria good leadership so for anybody to look elsewhere outside SDP is an effort in futility, mark my word,” the source said.

A political analyst Dr Ejike Nwagwu while commenting on the development questioned the rational behind Obasanjo’s choice for ADC wondering if ADC have the capacity to win Presidential election ahead of APC and PDP or even SDP in 2019 considering the fact that the party cannot be compared with those parties that have national spread and wide popularity.

Dr Nwangwu noted that Nigerians have expected Obasanjo to simply align forces with PDP who have larger capacity to face APC born to born both in spread and popularity instead of choosing a minor party as according to him, the possibilities of a minor party defeating APC in 2019 are very slim or even not there.

He added “Politics is a game of capacity, you have to consider the number of States Governors you have going into a Presidential election, you have to consider the number of serving Senators and Senatorial District you have, the number of Federal House Representatives and their Federal Constituencies you have and all that and in a clear terms only PDP have some State Governors, Senators and Reps Members, so going into presidential election in 2019 with PDP is a not a bad decision if we really want to oust Buhari and APC in 2019.

“But Obasanjo who commands a huge political experience knows what he wants and how he intends to achieve his goal. He knows why he choose ADC, but I doubt if there is any magic anybody could do to use a minor party like ADC to defeat an incumbent party at the presidential level in Nigeria in 2019,” he said.





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