The Lead is a news portal, not a blog. We are going to offer our readers the best of online news as they break all over the world, presenting the news and analysis from the human-interest point of view. We are giving human face to every news and reports.
With offices and representatives in Lagos, Port Harcourt, London and Ohio, United States, we are going to serve the readers the best of news around the globe.
The Lead, which is powered by RichBase Limited, a wholly Nigerian company, is the online version of the print edition that will debut subsequently.
The Leadan online newspaper, will bring to the readers the best of news from all the parts of the world, which will make us a reference point. No matter the nature of the news, we are going to present it from the human-interest point of view.
At The Lead, fact is sacred and justice will seem to have been achieved when two sides of the story are heard, we are going to be fearless and in depth in our presentations.