Advanced Computational Cloud Technology in Education


By Lucia Valente•

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Recently I returned from two weeks visit to Nigeria, meeting with educators in several cities around the country. In a series of blogs on the CCN web site:, I summarise my experience and reflections on the trip.

The Nigerian environment is new to me and the CCN team. I spent several weeks prior to my trip speaking with educators in Nigeria and reading articles about the current state of education, specifically at the tertiary level (College/University). As I explored the Nigerian environment I find that the issues are different, in some ways, to that of the other environments in which our solution is deployed.

Having spent the last few years working with education institutions in the US, Canada and Ireland, I have a good understanding of those environments and how CCN has been successful providing tangible solutions. What I do not see is a sense of urgency about educational outcomes – although there is a lot of talk about it.

My experience in Nigeria is different – there I see a sense of urgency and a sense of responsibility on the part of the educators with whom I met. They want a solution that fits the Nigerian environment and are committed to deploy such solutions.

Class sizes, quality of text books and materials are some of the main challenges faced by Nigerian educators. Another challenge faced in Nigeria is the curriculums that, although are graduating students successfully, are not graduating students with the requisite skills and knowledge. Nigeria is a growing, dynamic country with an emerging economy that has exponential skill requirements – however, the current education structure is failing its graduates.

Educators recognise that CCN can, within a short period of time, deploy successful solutions tailored and customised to Nigeria and specifically to the individual institutions. This is a solution branded ‘Nigerian’ and aligned to Nigerian outcomes. In the forthcoming series of articles, the CCN team will share details of our powerful solution.

•Valente is the Founder and CEO of CCN

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