Ajayi Polytechnic Registrar Identifies Why Graduates are Unemployable



The Registrar of Ajayi Polytechnic, Ikere- Ekiti, Ekiti State, Mr. Ayodele Julius has identified poor attitudes and lack of technical skills as the two major problems why most young graduates in Nigeria are unemployable.

Ayodele, who stated these reasons during the first orientation week for the students at the school campus, said the employment situation in Nigeria needs technical innovation to address the problem.

Referring to the statistics from Small and medium Enterprises Development Agency of Nigeria, SMEDAN, he noted that one out of 100 graduates are unemployable.

The Registrar said the polytechnic, is established to breach the gap with its vision by “raising giant”, who have good attitudes and practical skills who will be self-reliant, self developed, empowered and well equipped with 21st Century skills and will be able to compete in the global market by creating job for themselves or become prefer candidate if they choose to look for job.

“We are working with Industrial Training Fund, ITF, to help you access all funds available relating to your training and development and we will be offering some of you scholarship”

He called on the students to be focused and committed to their goal, which is to learn, adding that nothing should be allowed to stand in their way of achieving their primary assignment in the institution.

In his address to the students, Pastor Adesina Oyedele, said the institution is CISCO academy certified, adding that all the students have the opportunity to benefit from the CISCO programmes and certification.

Adesina, said no matter the course you read in whatever institution, you must be ICT compliant, saying ICT is very important and networking is the in-thing in the world, which means the students have the opportunity to take before graduating in the polytechnic.

“The school is determined to raise industry giants through inclusive entrepreneurship and innovative education”

Prof. Michael Alonge, the Dean/Director of Programme, of the institution, in his paper at the occasion pointed out that knowledge of ICT and computer is capable of reducing unemployment in the country, saying, this is the focus of Ajayi Polytechnic, to address this gap in Nigeria.

Alonge, who blamed government for misplaced priority in the country, called on the youths to diversify their skills into ICT in other to be independent and self-reliant, adding that computer and the ICT are sources of information for everybody.

The Chairman, Governing Council of the Polytechnic, Chief Michael Ajayi, added that the dream of the founder is that courses taking at the institution would be in line with entrepreneurship, innovations that would build skills for the graduates who would be giants in the larger society at the end of the academic exercise.

As the students resume for their registration, they were made to understand that normal academic activities will commence by next January and that those youths out there can still take the advantage of the admission opportunity, which will run through February 2018.

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