Calabar Carnival: Ayade Warns against Illegal Migration by Africans


Governor Ben Ayade of Cross River State, south-south Nigeria has called on intending African migrants to America and European countries in search of greener pasture to be cautious with the risk involved.

Ayade made the call in Calabar during the flag-off of the 2017 second carnival dry run with the theme: `Migration’.

According to Ayade, the theme of the carnival was chosen in recognition of the plights of Africans who are forced to migrate out of the continent in search of greener pasture and help.

“Not too long ago, we lost about 20 Nigerians who died in the Mediterranean Sea while crossing to Europe in search of greener pasture.

“The excessive migration of young people out of African in search of greener pasture in Europe and America has coursed us the death of many young people.

“The Calabar carnival uses that opportunity to expose the risk incident of such migration. Africans must understand that the carnival is not all about the street dance, but the interpretation of the theme.

“This theme is very critical. I wonder why the world will not focus on Calabar this year.

” We are trying to tell the world that Africa is rich enough to be independent and our young men and women will not have to cross to foreign countries at the peril of their own life in search of alternative sources of income,” he said.

The governor said the activities of the various carnival bands would be focused on the interpretation of the theme by way of creating awareness for the intending migrants.

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