Ekiti 2018: Kolapo, Ogunsakin Court Muslim Community to Vote for PDP



The ex-chairman of Ado Local Government area of Ekiti state and the Deputy Governorship Candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the July 14 governorship election, Abdulkazeem Ayodeji Ogunsakin, has boasted that the Muslim community in the state would embarrass the All Progressive Congress (APC), with overwhelming votes in gratitude to the PDP for choosing him as the running mate to Professor Olusola Kolapo Eleka.

The 39-year old Ayodeji said this while speaking at a rally organised for both himself and Eleka by the
Ekiti Muslim community in appreciation to Governor Ayo Fayose for endorsing a Muslim as Deputy Governorship candidate of PDP.

At the event held at the newly constructed Fajuyi park arena in Ado Ekiti,  the state capital, Ogunsakin said: “I am happy to be here in appreciation to Almighty Allah, and to our leader, Governor Ayo Fayose, you have set me on the
right path and empowered me with leadership.

“I pledge before all of you that l will never disappoint you. You have been a great leader, wonderful father and great mentor.
I appreciate you on behalf of the young people of Ekiti State and Nigerians at large.

“We have been agitating that we are not too young to run and today, you have made our dreams come true. We are very grateful to you sir. We are assuring you that we are not lazy like somebody said.

“We will defer to you, we will not be arrogant and as God lives, we will appreciate you comes July 14, we will embarrass the APC with votes,” he said.

Also speaking at the rally, which was well attended by hundreds of Muslims in the state, Chief Imam of Ekiti State, and grand Imam of South West, Delta and Edo, Sheik Kamiu Kewulere Bello, said: “We asked for four things from the governor and he has done three things now.

“We told  him that since he already has a supported Christian Governorship candidate, we requested for a deputy and we have been given. We already said that any party that fails to carry one of us as a deputy governor, we would not support. But Governor Fayose has chosen our son, Abdulkazeem. Any other party that calls us we will answer them, we are their fathers. We are not politicians.

“Governor Fayose we salute and appreciate you. This project of yours shall be successful. We also greet the candidate of the party and our son. The governor has done well. I urge you all to do it well for him.

Eleka,  who described  Governor Fayose as  a grand commander of grassroots politics and lover of youths, said: “I am sure the grandimam is happy because one of his desires is today fulfilled.  I want to appreciate you our Governor for allowing God’s will to prevail, some leaders prefer their own will, but governor Fayose has allowed the will of God.

Anyone who allows Gods will to prevail will succeed. I am assuring the governor, and all the people that I and my deputy will be truthful, we will not disappoint you and we will perform better than our leader, Governor Fayose.”

Urging the Muslim leaders in the state to pray for the success of both Eleka and Ogunsakin in the coming election, Governor Fayose said religion and politics are inseparable, noting that religious leaders play a pivotal role in moulding and shaping public opinion.

He lauded Sheik Bello for his leadership qualities, saying: “I thank you for acknowledging the fact that Fayose is a promise keeper.  Fayose a promise keeper has kept this promise. If truly you want a Muslim as deputy governor, you must ensure that your people vote for Ogunsakin.

“Pray to God to make this project successful. We have done our part. We have placed Ogunsakin at a position you all Muslims can help him.  I have prayed about it and asked from God, and He confirmed Ogunsakin, just as He gave me Prof Eleka. I urge you to support him. Any system that does not take the youth into consideration will collapse. I have been a supporter of the cause of the youths and I have made this known by supporting a 39-year-old Ogunsakin for the
deputy governor. He is a young banker and administrator and best man for the job.”

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