Gregory Ibe Appointed Professor of Entrepreneurial Studies


The Chancellor of the Gregory University Uturu, Abia State, Dr. Gregory Ibe has been elevated to the noble position of professor.

According to a letter conveying his favoured recommendation for the elevation, the development is as a result of Dr Ibe’s “pioneering role in the study of entrepreneurship, spanning many years of consultancy to such organisations as UNDP, UNESCO and ECOWAS Commission, Federal Ministry of Education, NUC and TETFUND”.

Doc 6 Feb 2018 at 10-12 a

The body of reviewers also took into cognisance Dr Ibe’s vast academic experience and numerous publications, while teaching entrepreneurship studies in such institutions as Tansian University Enugu, Abia State University Uturu and presently Gregory University Uturu.

In the light of the foregoing and having carefully reviewed Dr Ibe’s five-year tenure as a Reader, the body therefore highly recommended his elevation to the position of Professor of Entrepreneurial Studies.

Subsequent upon these submissions, Dr Ibe was promoted from the position of a Reader to Professor on 5th February 2018. Details coming shortly…

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